London Evening Standard - Yes, Prime Minister we are getting a longer West End run

Public exasperation with politicians has helped drive the hit comedy Yes, Prime Minister into a new West End run.

The show is moving a few yards from the Apollo to the Gielgud next door in Shaftesbury Avenue after summer audiences stayed strong despite complaints about generally high West End prices.

Simon Williams, who plays the civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby, to Richard McCabe's Prime Minister Jim Hacker, said audiences loved the way the show poked fun at the people in charge.

The appeal appeared to be in watching politicians having their trousers pulled down - metaphorically - for a smack, he added. "It's always fun watching pompous people have their bubble pricked. They're all so sick of politicians and the shenanigans they get up to."

He said Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, the creators of the original television series, were such great writers "it's like getting into a bit of machinery that really, really works". The show finishes at the Apollo on September 17 then opens at the Gielgud three days later.

Louise Jury, Chief Arts Correspondent, London Evening Standard.


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