Interview with Chris Larkin

BWW Interviews: Chris Larkin of YES, PRIME MINISTER

What's it like playing one of three legends of television comedy? (Simon Williams plays Sir Humphrey Appleby, Richard McCabe plays Jim Hacker and Chris Larkin plays Bernard Woolley - the principals of BBC TV series, Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister)

The funny thing is that Jonathan Lynn (the director) said on the first day that what happened before is completely irrelevant - this is a new production and I cast you. You mustn't ever worry about what Paul EddingtonNigel Davenport and Derek Fowlds did - it's entirely down to your interpretation. The interesting thing is that we all do what we want to do and the audience immediately accept that we're not the original actors - as soon as you mention a character's name, they know that's Jim or that's Bernard or that's Sir Humphrey.

How has the show been received by today's audiences?

Incredibly well - there is an enormous amount of national fondness for the series and the three characters. The British people love the relationship that was built up between them over the years. Those who remember the television shows are older and have brought their children and it's accessible to everybody, because it's fantastic political comedy.

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